The Start of a Movement

Foundational. Transformative. Unprecedented.


That is what people said as the Symposium wound down and as they reflected on it in the subsequent days. Emails and notes continue to come in. Over 150 people attended the Symposium. We’ll have more details as we move forward, but the comments during and immediately after the event ranged from ‘transformed my views’, to ‘I cannot wait to do more, I am completely energized.’

The speakers, the flow of each day, the group thought exercises, all came together to create ‘the most meaningful conference of my life.’ Unlike most conferences and symposia, most of the keynote and panel speakers stayed for the entire event, as active participants. This alone speaks to the power of the message and importance of the new content, when the speakers inform, but also learn and are transformed.


The most powerful words of the Symposium came from our two youth speakers, Leah and Margaret, who displayed great faith. Faith in us, faith in themselves, and spiritual faith. Their evident hope, drive, and energy inspired everyone deeply.

The connection between Climate Disruption causing an increase in Social Injustice, especially for our children, and the fact that all faiths and spirituality have the foundational precept that we fight social injustice, especially for our children, creates a powerful intergenerational message across all faiths and spiritual beliefs. After taking a couple of days to recover, we are now entering our planning stage for what will come next.

Please join us on these pages, on our FaceBook Page, via email, or in person. We welcome all, those who attended the symposium and those who did not, to participate in the future of what everyone agreed is now A Movement. Join us. Join all our children.