SAVE THE DATE: September 16-17, 2017

5th Annual Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium, Offered in cooperation with The Center for Transformational Practice 

Location: Briggs Opera House, White River Junction, Vermont

Details on the Deep Change website

Great article in our local paper, the Valley News, about the Symposium. Front page, “above the fold”! “

Symposium Draws Many Faiths for Climate Change Action

What a successful 3rd Annual Symposium we had! Thank you to those who joined us, and to our supporters who could not attend.

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Videos from the 2015 Symposium

Links to videos of the speakers and some of the workshops: Jay O’Hara (Intro and Keynote speech), Robert Jensen (Intro and keynote speech), Shelley Alpern (Intro and Keynote speech and Q&A session), Tre Cates (Intro and keynote speech, and Q&A Session), Sister Patricia Siemen, workshop, and Robert Jensen, workshop.

3rd Annual “Our Children, Climate, Faith” Symposium
Making and Being the Change We Need
Faith-driven climate leadership from the boats, the banks, and the grassroots

Saturday & Sunday, August 8 & 9, 2015, at the Town House, Strafford, Vermont

This year we bring together institutions and activists to build bridges and create positive changes.

All are welcome, lay and ordained of any faith, spirituality, and religion.

This year we have 4 Keynotes, 2 Five Minute Talks, 2 Panel Sessions, and 10 Workshops,
along with time to breathreflect, and have some fun. Join us here See our speakers here.

Keynote Speakers: Jay O’Hara
Quaker and
Coal Blockader
Robert Jensen
Professor of Journalism,
University of Texas, Austin,
Author of “Plain Radical”
Shelley Alpern
Director of Social
Research & Advocacy,
Clean Yield Asset Management
Tre Cates
The Savory Institute
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2015 Program

“I am thankful for the upcoming ‘Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium’ in Strafford, Vermont. The gathered voices/efforts of those compelled by their faith, who love God’s creation and our children, who need it to be healthy, promises to be a prophetic event that will make a significant difference. Dr. Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland – A Church Distributed

We have added two events for 2015 in order to broaden our audience and make it easier for all to attend.

Young Adult Summit

2 days for inspiration, sharing & learning. Led by & for all people 18 – 30. Overnight, August 6 – 7, Strafford, VT

Celebrate the Earth Camp

Paralleling the Symposium – Children pre-K – 17, Saturday & Sunday, August 8 & 9

Highlights from the  Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposiums

Our Archives Pages has many videos, programs, and information from the 1st and 2nd Symposiums

2014 Archives, Videos of keynote speeches and interview

Strafford Town House

The 2nd Annual Symposium featured 2 Keynote Speakers, and 15 unique workshops that focused on training for action!

Saturday evening we had a showing of the film, “Bidder 70” free and open to the public, 6:30 p.m. at the United Church of Strafford.

If you missed the Symposium, or want to share or review what our speakers said, you can watch videos of the 2 Keynote Speeche,s Tim DeChristopher’s Saturday morning talk, and Starhawk’s Sunday afternoon talk, and the Interview of Hannah Morgan and Tim DeChristopher.


One attendee (Ron Kearns) shared how his experience of the Symposium brought him to a new understanding and motivation on climate action:

You are likely to be aware of the "Climate March" which took place in NYC yesterday...
People voiced their views on what is not working for the planet or its inhabitants with homemade signs both elaborate and simple, singing songs, chanting slogans as they marched, .... but mostly by walking their talk alongside one another. Truly it was a coming together around an issue almost universally agreed upon yet seldom discussed. I had been asleep to climate change, or more accurately I felt powerless and overwhelmed and responded towards it more like our leaders do .... with an inertia. Then a month or two ago I went to a small symposium in a tiny town in Vermont and found people living in the splendor of the green mountains living with more fervor for a sustainable future than I had been. The symposium was [on]" Faith, Climate Change, and our children". Something there woke me up.
SO I went to NYC this weekend and found hundreds of thousands of regular people ilike you and I, coming together in small groups, and saying "no more" to social and planetary injustices ..... It was heartwarming and enlivening!
 SO, I want to say two things: 
 - the threats of climate change are real 
- and so are the voices calling for a better more fair world.
 What do you say?
Thanks for listening,

2013 Archives, Videos of keynote speeches and panels

The 1st Annual Symposium, in 2013, featured 3 Keynote Speakers, a Youth Panel, and 4 Panel Sessions that focused on discovering the connection between faith, work for social justice, children, and climate activism.

Many videos are available here, including Keynotes from Bill McKibben, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Shyla Nelson, and Margaret Gish and Leah Booher (Youth)

The Program is available here

This precedent setting symposium has had far-reaching impact on the environmental and climate movements.