Second Annual “Our Children, Climate, Faith” Symposium

Strafford Town House

Saturday and Sunday, August 23 & 24.

The Second Annual Symposium featured 2 Keynote Speakers, and 15 unique workshops that focused on training for action!

Saturday evening we had a showing of the film, “Bidder 70″ free and open to the public, 6:30 p.m. at the United Church of Strafford.

Videos of keynote speeches and interview

If you missed the Symposium, or just want to be reminded of what our speakers said, you can watch videos of the 2 Keynote Speeches (Tim DeChristopher’s Saturday morning talk and Starhawk’s Sunday afternoon talk) and the Interview of Hannah Morgan and Tim DeChristopher. Also available is Rev. Gregory Wilson’s talk at the opening of the Symposium. Additional videos will be posted soon.

OCCF Symposium 2014 Keynote Speakers – Tim DeChristopher and Starhawk

 Saturday Morning Keynote Speaker: Tim DeChristopher


“In December 2008, during the closing weeks of the Bush White House, 27-year-old environmental activist Tim DeChristopher went to protest the auction of gas and oil drilling rights to more than 150,000 acres of publicly-owned Utah wilderness. But instead of yelling slogans or waving a sign, DeChristopher disrupted the proceedings by starting to bid. Given an auction paddle designating him “Bidder 70”, DeChristopher won a dozen land leases worth nearly two million dollars. He was arrested for criminal fraud, found guilty, and sentenced to two years in federal prison — even though the new Obama Administration had since declared the oil and gas auction null and void.” — – watch the full interview.

Sunday Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Starhawk


“Amory Lovins says the primary design criteria he uses is the question “How do we love all the children?” Not just our children, not just the ones who look like us or who have resources, not just the human children but the young of birds and salmon and redwood trees. When we love all the children, when that love is truly sacred to us in the sense of being most important, then we have to take action in the world to enact that love. We are called to make the earth a place where all the children can thrive.” ― Starhawk, The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religions of the Great Goddess. Read about Starhawk’s latest book, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups on her website.

Also featuring Allan Baer and the Digital Video Globe,

and Jane Dwinell’s Tiny House