2015 Symposium

2015 Symposium – Thanks to all who came for making it a great Symposium this year!

Great article in our local paper, the Valley News, reporting from the Symposium. Front page, “above the fold”! “

Symposium Draws Many Faiths for Climate Change Action

Making and Being the Change We Need – Faith-driven climate leadership from the boats, the banks, and the grassroots


Bringing together institutions and activists to build bridges and create positive changes

Saturday & Sunday, August 8 & 9, 2015, at the historic Town House, Strafford, Vermont

All are welcome, lay and ordained of any faith, spirituality, and religion

This year we have 4 Keynotes, 2 Five Minute Talks, 2 Panel Sessions, and 10 Workshops,
along with time to breathreflect, and have some fun. Join us here See our speakers here.

See the 2015 PROGRAM for links to many details and sessions

The 2013 and 2014 symposiums have become known for initiating significant changes in how the environmental movement is examining motivation for climate disruption activism. Acknowledgement of faith, and inclusion of spirituality, is emerging in the discussions of social justice in many movements. Environmental groups are discerning that the root belief of all religions and spiritualties in social justice and care for our children extends not just to work on climate disruption but also to many other important struggles. This insight is aligning all groups on a common framework to support the fight for social justice in all its current manifestations.

Keynote Speakers

The 2015 Symposium is bringing a broad cross section of speakers and participants to learn how we can work together, while working hard on fighting climate disruption. Our keynote speakers are drawn literally from the activism in the boats (Jay O’Hara) and the finance industry (Shelley Alpern). Robert Jensen combines activist work at the grassroots with his academic studies and writings on the need for a revitalization of faith. Insuring that we are considering the problem holistically, Tre Cates of the Savory Institute explores the climate problems of agriculture, offering holistic thinking to an area which remains too unstudied, while contributing greatly to the climate problem.

Panel Sessions

On Saturday, “OCCF at 3 – Actions from the field / Dispatches from the Front“, featuring many returning participants, exploring the effects the Symposium had on them and their work, and what they are engaged in now. On Sunday, “Enduring voices connecting faith and environment” features religious leaders who are new to OCCF exploring the roots of their faiths and spiritualities to understand their relationship to the natural world as well as their motivations for social justice and care for their children’s future.

There will be significant time for question and answer after keynotes and panels, as well as time to meet informally between sessions. Come to engage, to listen, and to learn. We will also have time for inward reflection as well as celebration of our individual and shared faiths and spiritualities. And we will have fun at our Climate Cabaret on Saturday night. But most importantly come to add your voice and to be lifted by the voices of others. All are welcome.

Unraveling and Turning – Climate Change Cabaret

Saturday night, Unraveling and Turning Climate Change Cabaret, (co-sponsored by 350VT (of 350.org), will feature songs, dance and drama around the themes of hope and despair, spirituality and creation. The audience will be encouraged to join performers in various musical interludes. The Public is invited to this free event.

Young Adult Summit

Young adults, aged 18 – 30, are invited to the Young Adult Summit on Thursday and Friday (8/6-7). More details are here.

Celebrate the Earth Camp

Children ages Pre-K to 17 are invited to the new Celebrate the Earth Camp during the days of the symposium. Click here for more details. Children ages 13 – 17 are also welcome to attend the Symposium.