Earth Altar & Communion

The Earth Altar

2014 Earth Altar

Opening the Earth Altar – Saturday morning

This Earth Altar is set for everyone. Call it an altar, table, shrine, space, or as appropriate in your tradition. We will create a shared observance and place of reverence through sharing something on the altar. We all need support, we all need to connect, both with each other, others who are not here, and with spirits, souls, deities, a god or gods, a goddess or goddesses, for support to sustain us in this journey.

After the guides each say a few words, everyone will have an opportunity to place an object on the space here, either silently, or sharing a word, or a sentence. After people who wish have had a chance to come forward, the guides will conclude the opening of the Earth Altar. But it will remain in place through the weekend. Please come and view, contemplate, meditate, and add to it.

Please bring something with you to place on the Altar. It may be taken back when you leave.


Earth Communion

Painting by Todd Binzen
Painting by Todd Binzen

Service of Communion – Sunday morning

The “Earth Communion” is a multi-faith service of thanksgiving and expressions of prayerful concern for human, natural, and planetary justice.  Combining elements representing religious traditions, spiritual symbols, and Mother Earth – be they fruits of the earth, the press, or the oven, – we draw on the traditions of any and all present to pray, bless and receive gifts from the Whole of Reality.

The service will include readings and prayers from multiple traditions with several calls to receive communion of the elements according to one tradition, or more.

All are welcome to participate as one’s conscience and practice discerns.