Environmental movement making a real impact in the US

Vermont leads the country, again

Vermont is leading the country in the climate and environmental movements, and it’s not accidental. Our environmental and renewable energy groups are models, and are used as models nationally, by other successful states.

The Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium is THE group, based in Vermont, which is bringing the religious and spiritual groups nationally into the same work as the environmental groups. (And not accidentally bringing the environmental groups into the work of the faith and spiritual groups on social justice.)

From the Guardian article: “Dietz said the finding also indicated that solutions to environmental problems do not emerge automatically as an economy grows, but needed a broad and strong environmental movement to develop: “From households to businesses, governments and the environmental groups, environmental activism is absolutely essential – these things don’t just happen.”

Each state’s carbon emissions in 2014
0-19% | 20-39% | 40-59% | 60-79% | 80-100%

US environmental scorecard - The Guardian
US environmental scorecard Note: The report looked at voting records from 1990 to 2014
Guardian graphic | Source: scorecard.lcv.org