Getting Close!

2015 Symposium Coming SOON

Final Preparations Underway for August 8 – 9

Just over one week before the Symposium, and all the planning is beginning to turn into reality. The initial food order has been placed. (Don’t worry, we can add to it, so you can still register!) The tent will be put up on Monday morning. (The Symposium is big enough this year that we need the Town HouseĀ and an event tent to give us enough space. Plus it’s nice to be outside part of the time!) We are putting the program book together, buying supplies, sending out final instructional emails to participants and speakers, and filling the few remaining holes in the program. (Exactly who is introducing each keynote speaker?)

On Friday we will set up the Town House and tent, check the sound and video systems. Make sure the WiFi (Courtesy of EC Fiber) works properly. And have a group dinner with speakers that arrive the night before. (We have speakers coming from all over the country, so most will be here by then.)

Of course, the arrival that we all look forward to the most is when each of you arrive, the people who attend, participate, and actually make this a Symposium. Saturday morning is always the most joyous, and most anticipated time, as we reconnect with past attendees, meet people we have been emailing, and meet others for the first time. This initial gathering and coming together is a powerful time, particularly considering the fantastic diversity of traditions people come from.

If you’ve not yet registered, there is still time, and you can also register at the door. But pre-registration helps us do a better job of food and venue planning, and is much appreciated. You can register at

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday August 8 (and Sunday too!)