J. Angus Munro (Shamanic Practitioner)

Angus-MonroI was born in the late fifties to two bohemian parents one walked the radical route her whole life, while the other eased into a more liberal life; and though a great thoughtful being, walked a more conservative path. From this I started viewing the world from a dichotomous point of view, which opened me up to the otherness aspects of living in the modern world while perceiving the veils of illusion.

In the sixties, from its early years I lived in a nomadic, and bohemian way. Traveling from commune to community, and going to a school based on A. S. Neal’s philosophy grounded in his Summerhill school in England. (Collaberg in Stony Point NY.) Leaving this at age 10, I moved  to live with my Dad, who was with his Mom living in Connecticut, where I attended conventional grammar school. I stayed in this environment until I was seventeen, and then went out on my own. I first moved to live in the community surrounding Goddard College, and became a staff member there as a cook and dishwasher in the snack bar and cafeteria. My mother, who was always a radical educator, was teaching there and soon I was a student. The very flavor of this educational model fit really well with my values and quest for knowledge and soon art became my vector.

While there, I continued to pursue my interests in sculpture and shamanism, though it was still percolating within as how this would later manifest; I found again this dichotomous viewpoint reclaiming my world view. I was cultivating my heart and intellect and allowing this to enter my work as an artist to express the duality by which most of us live. ( final exhibition and senior study , simply entitled “Duality”, 1980 Goddard College library gallery, focus on sculpture and architecture). I graduated in 1980 with a bachelors in liberal arts.

In 1982 after spending a semester at Goddard as the sculpture faculty assistant I moved to New York City, and began practicing as an artist, began teaching in five colleges. I was thrilled to achieve the goals of having gallery representation, and exhibition as a solo artist at the museum level (first solo museum exhibition, “four winners” Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, 1986)  I continued in the NYC art world for a couple of years showing extensively there and in many group settings until I walked away from that lifestyle and built an off the grid home in Vermont. Where I began investing my energy into the vector of activism and community development.

Throughout this entire formative period I followed the path of inquiry, seeing the life we live day to day on the one hand and seeking the spirit and energetic path on the other hand. As a young child I was exposed to the arts in our communities, artists like John Gage, and spiritualists like Ram Das, cultural icons like Timothy Leary and others passed through, leaving their mark upon my development.  Then, going to the public school system, but carrying with me these seeds of alternative realities. My studies forever circled and eventually spiraled in on the growing energetic practice that has become my current interdisciplinary practice. This I have recently (2013) fine tuned, receiving a MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, again from Goddard College.

Today I work with community development, environmental activism, and environmental Earhart, intermixed with the energetic practices of my shamanic and psychoenergetic process; to create works of visual art and energetic healing, creating more effective groups through combining energy work and communication process, and smoothing the conflicts of a group, individual or place through the application of intention and intuition.

In my energy work I apply the experience of witnessing duality, observing active dichotomies, and personality conflicts, to the overall goals of the group, to the development of a site, and to the health of all of the above.  In this action I am working with what I have entitled inherent energetics, but it is also called the subtle energies, and psychoenergetics. This is a relatively new field of science, though its roots sit in the most ancient practices of village shamans and witch doctors of primitive tribes. I have taught about the current environmental arts, spoken about the interconnection of the symbol and psychoenergetics and done workshops on the spiral and the labyrinthine traditions.