An inclusive symposium on moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious consciousness addressing climate disruption and the rightful future of all children

Sundar Layalu (Lay Buddhist)


Sundar Layalu (Nepal) has a Master’s in Environmental Science from the Khwopa College of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, Sundar is pursuing his Masters degree in Environmental Science and policy at Clark University as an IDCE Fellow. He has successfully completed the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics summer program 2011 at Yale University.

A certified Carbon auditor, in one of his researched he studied the carbon footprint of the constituent assembly members of Nepal and sensitized them on Climate Change and Environment. The results of carbon footprint found among constituent assembly members of Nepal were quite surprising. The carbon footprint was found to be higher among those members who were believed to have good environmental and ecological ethics- such as the followers of Buddhism and Communism. With such facts, Sundar has been trying to convince his notions of no political theory or system but consumerism and modernism guiding people of Anthropocene.

Sundar is also an International Climate Champion 2009 for the British Council and has been involved in research and activism in climate change and sustainability. With his project, Mission Carbon Neutral Nepal: A Pilot Project on Namobuddha Monastery, he is increasing awareness, trains and supports monks and other local community members. In addition, he is also trying to make the monastery carbon neutral through use of alternative energy sources, tree plantations and adoption, and lifestyle change. His project, “Mission Carbon Neutral Nepal won awards from the British Council Nepal and Green Korea Foundation 2011. Recently, he has developed a “Seven Green Wheels” green office program for the Clark University Sustainability Office. Sundar claims “Seven Green Wheels” is an innovation in the green office rating. The concept of “Seven Green Wheels” works on a holistic approach of and considers LEEDS and STARS system. Sundar also served “ The Small Earth Nepal” (SEN) as a researcher.

Apart from his works on carbon footprints and consumerism, Sunder has relentlessly contributed through numerous organizations in Nepal under various roles. He successfully organized the Rural Urban Connection program in Nepal, which helped dissipate the notion of sustainable development to youths of remote places in Nepal. Also the International Graduate Conference with Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB), University of Colorado, helped bond youths and emerging environmental activists of South Asian region for a comprehensive approach to Climate Change issues solving.  “Sunday Monday Carbon Day”, a short documentary in collaboration with British Council and Wild Eye Entertainment added an extra dimension to his role as an activist. The movie screened in various venues of Nepal, Bangladesh and the United States, was widely appreciated by the audience.

Believer of the Buddhist lessons of non-dualism and interconnectedness among human to sentient and non-sentient, Sundar often keeps himself busy with volunteer or charitable activities- he recently donated his hair to leukemia surviving child through Locks of love. He is further inspired to that work and plans to launch new program on Carbon Offset through hair donation. He believes that this new program will inspire people to understand and adopt climate change. Sundar’s long-term goal is to achieve sustainability without compromising people’s happiness and desires.