Updates on website and other prep

June 15, 2015

New information on the Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium website

Plus some inside information on running a symposium to address climate change

It takes a lot of work to put on the Symposium each year, but it is all so worth it. Not only do we get to work with wonderful people and meet more wonderful people, we also learn more, broadening our personal knowledge. This is to say nothing of the fact that the work of the Symposium is having a direct and positive effect on ramping up the work on addressing climate disruption.
Much of the work is behind the scenes, like web site creation and maintenance. Helen has been doing yoeman’s work of keeping the site alive and flowing. This weekend I jumped in and threw a lot into making the site tailored for this year’s symposium. Some of the new content you will find:
– Dedicated menu for 2015 Symposium, listing all Keynote speakers, Program, and Panels. (Still to come – Workshop listings)
– NEW MENU BUTTON (in BOLD RED) highlighting our Indiegogo campaign (currently active, with fun perks!)
– Links inside the Program to (almost) all the individual events and speakers
– organization of all the videos and other info from the 1st and 2nd OCCF Symposiums.
– bios for (almost) everyone.

As you can see, that’s a lot, though there is still more to be done (is a website ever done? Now there is an existential question).

So now that we have our Keynotes and Panelists largely lined up, our attention is focused on two activities for the next month.

If you can help us by sharing this post, that would be great. (But first, please Register yourself! :)

Jeff and the OCCF Steering Committee