Jeff Wolfe


Jeff Wolfe

Co-Founder of the Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium

Jeff is Principal of Jeff Wolfe Consulting, providing strategy, planning and execution services as well as market entry and development in the solar, renewable energy and utility industries. He co-founded groSolar, a nationwide solar EPC, where he was CEO for 14 years, and where he remains as Chairman.

Jeff Chairs the DG Division of the Solar Energy Industries Association, and serves on the Union of Concerned Scientists National Advisory Board.  He is a trained climate presenter for the Climate Reality Project. Jeff has testified at the US Senate and state legislatures, and presented at numerous conferences and events. He also has marched in every “largest yet” climate march: Vermont in 2008, Copenhagen 2009, DC 2013, and NYC 2014, and intends to march as long and as far as it takes to succeed.

Jeff is on the Steering Committee for the Justice Action Mobilization Network (JAMN), which is creating a national movement to address injustices in all their forms.

Jeff chaired Renewable Energy Vermont when REV put on their first conference, and put on an widely acclaimed conference on the occasion of groSolar’s 10th anniversary. He has a BSME from Cornell University.

Here is a radio interview from 2013 of Jeff which provides more background and context for the Symposium. More radio interviews are accessible through our Blog

Jeffery.Wolfe AT Gmail DOT com

Archived Video from 2013 Symposium