Children and faith are valued above all else.

Our foundational thesis:

People who are true to any and every faith and spirituality have a deep and abiding concern for social justice and the care for future generations. Climate disruption is creating extreme social injustices, especially against our children and future generations. All people of any faith and spirituality are called, by their faith and spirituality, to work strongly against climate disruption as a demonstration of their faith and spirituality.

The biosphere is a gift belonging to our children and our children’s children. Human consciousness and conscientiousness must change now to preserve their future.

From this precept, we explore how people of spirituality and faith, motivated by their faith and associated moral and ethical principles have a duty to work for a healthy biosphere for our children and our children’s children. Respecting the plurality of our many spiritual and faith traditions, we will work with appropriate messages and actions, and examine how action on climate disruption is central to a spiritually-informed life.

The annual program is always designed to create opportunities for reflective, prayerful listening as well as vibrant discussion. We seek to promote a shift in awareness in both mind and heart – in our “soul” or “inner self” – that is necessary for us to simply live on this earth, now and far into the future.

We will always have keynote speakers and workshop presenters from many faith and spiritual traditions, with many opportunities for group discussion, thought-provoking activities, and networking. Through listening and discussion we will help create the messages of action for our faiths which we can share with our own spiritual, philosophical and religious communities.

Why Strafford, Vermont?

Strafford, Vermont is the birthplace of Senator Justin Smith Morrill, (namesake and author of the Land Grant College Act) and long-time home of the Reverend William Sloane Coffin (civil rights leader), both leaders in major social justice issues of their time. They typify the spirit and understanding that emanates from this place and the people who live here, and motivates us to create and host this symposium about the great moral issue of our time.

Justin Morrill Homestead