OCCF Young Adult Summit

August 6th & 7th, 2015 – South Strafford, Vermont

Prior to the third annual OCCF symposium, a gathering of young adults – 18 to 30 years – will take place in “the lower village” of Strafford, Vermont. The purpose is simple: network, teach and discern for action against climate destruction and for a livable planet. The foundation of OCCF has always been that climate disruption and planetary degradation are social injustices against children, and that people of faith and spirituality have profound inner resources to address this common human value. We seek to gather the emerging youth leadership to focus on individual and communal spiritual and religious commitments that found, motivate and sustain action for the sake of current and future generations, and for the living environment. People under 30 years old know the burden is theirs to bear; some people over 30 desire to help recompense by assisting and supporting the commitment of “the young.”

These two days will provide networking through individuals making direct contact with one another; provide witness to action – teaching by those who have already put their own selves on the line; training in non-violent direct action; workshops on biocentrism and spirituality; and discernment in the spiritual traditions and practices that sustain a person of conscience for the long haul.

Our location in South Strafford, Vermont will be an “encampment” where participants may bring tents for their lodging.  If a hotel is preferred the nearest town with choices is White River Junction, VT, about 25-30 minutes away. Food and other necessities will be provided by the organizers at Barrett Hall, which is handicapped accessible.

Confirmed teachers and guides are:

Jay O’Hara (Quaker)   http://lobsterboatblockade.org/

Hannah Morgan (Reclaiming Pagan)   https://vimeo.com/105070701

Margaret Gish  is our College and University Liaison.

Sister Heather Ganz (Roman Catholic)   http://brentwoodcsj.org/ecology/organic-garden/

JoRee Lafrance (Crow Nation),  Dartmouth College

Registration fees are nominal for high school, college or graduate students: $20 to $50 depending on ability to pay. Suggested $75 for all others, especially fully-employed. Some scholarships and reduced fee available. The age range of 18 to 30 years old for participation is not negotiable.

Map of South Strafford showing Barrett Hall: